April 3, 2017 | In the Media

Reliability, resiliency, and sustainability demands provide utilities opportunity

The availability of supply and certainty of delivery is more important now than ever, particularly for electricity and natural gas, as larger segments of our economy, including transportation, become electrified.Natural gas is a dominant fuel in power generation due to its low cost and plentiful supplies. When used to generate electricity in natural gas combined-cycle facilities, generation can be ramped up quickly to meet loads as more intermittent and distributed renewable energy resources are added to the grid. The electric transmission and distribution infrastructure needs to remain equally reliable and resilient as it is transformed into a multidirectional power flow and two-way communications system to deliver electricity to customers. Given the age and state of our electric and gas industries, the United States has a once-in-a-generation opportunity to redefine the how and where infrastructure investments are made, and how equipment and materials are procured.

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