Why—and how—West Monroe works in multidisciplinary teams

At West Monroe, we’re known for doing things differently. And this starts with our people.

Why—and how—West Monroe works in multidisciplinary teams

For every engagement, we bring together a multidisciplinary team with the right balance of skills, experience, and expertise. This means you’ll get people who are deeply knowledgeable in your industry. But you’ll also get people who have worked across other industries and from different disciplines. People with unique experiences and perspectives. People who will view problems from all angles. Who create innovative solutions and transform businesses with an ongoing, iterative approach — from strategy to execution, and continuous evolution.  

We are passionate advocates for this multidisciplinary approach. Why? Because it drives immediate results and lasting change. It empowers faster problem solving, generates more creative and holistic solutions, and delivers greater financial returns with an ROI that extends far beyond the project timeline. 

And we think those benefits are pretty undeniable.

The human brain is wired to take shortcuts. It’s an evolutionary benefit, in most instances. But it can also cause us to make assumptions and jump to conclusions. Such is the danger of siloed work models. And it’s precisely why we at West Monroe don’t work that way. 

We never take a challenge at face value — we like to really get to know it, up close, and from every angle. We go beyond stakeholder interviews and actually observe what’s happening first-hand. Let us observe your managers interacting with customers. Let us dig into software code. Let us stress-test your cyber incident response measures. These methods help us compare perception with reality, creating space for an issue to come to light that might be completely different than what anyone anticipated. For example, you might think you have a tech problem when really, it’s a problem with your people and processes.

We believe no two clients are the same, and neither are their challenges. That’s why we build a custom team that’s specific to your needs.

Our multidisciplinary teams bring together unconventional people, from diverse backgrounds and vastly different ways of looking at the world. And our experts go deep into their craft, whether it’s creative, technical, or operational. We hire people from your industry – bankers, doctors, nurses, utility leaders –  who understand what it’s like to walk in your shoes.  

We come to the table armed with a range of perspectives and a wealth of knowledge. But we’re also open-minded, learning to see the world through your eyes, too. This combination enables us to deliver efficiently and effectively, employing proven offerings that draw on our decades of experience working with companies in your industry, while remaining adaptable to your unique needs.

Right from the start of a project, we bring the best and brightest from across industries and disciplines. We have proven offerings that have been pressure-tested and are powered by proprietary technology designed to get to value, faster.  We know speed matters – and we can handle it. 

Say you’re looking to undergo a complex corporate transformation. We’d be able to quickly bring together expertise come from every corner of our firm: project management, technology, human capital management, industry experts, and many more. Experts who don’t just strategize, but execute. Together, united in one mission: to design, plan, and execute a transformation that inspires employees and creates ongoing value for your business. 

Our teams analyze the problem, fast. They ideate, fast. And they execute, fast. It’s a way of working that builds in agility and responsiveness, spotting problems and removing roadblocks so we can get to the solution. It’s because of this speed that we were able to help a company get back up and running just four days after a massive ransomware attack. And, to merge two companies and deliver a 10x ROI in just 150 days

We’re passionate about creating lasting change for our clients. What does this mean? That our job isn’t “done” the second a new strategy is designed or a new system is launched. Instead, we unite in an ongoing effort, designing and implementing solutions, products, and experiences, and then evaluating and iterating based on how well they perform. 

It’s not about the fast fix (although we do work fast). It’s not about just solving a problem as it stands today. It’s about more meaningful solutions that continually give more to you and your customers. Like creating a Digital Experience Lab with a continuous feedback and iteration loop built-in, to constantly improve the customer experience, and drive greater revenue. 


The bottom line: a better approach, for better results

We know we might not sound like other consultants you’ve worked with before. This way of working isn’t necessarily how other consulting firms are doing it. But it’s the way that creates the best results, in our experience. 

We’re committed to ensuring the value you receive is greater than fees paid – so much so that we’re willing to put fees at risk if we don’t meet certain outcomes. Our way of working has already delivered billions of dollars in value. And, at the end of the day, this is where the magic really happens: an undeniably different approach from an undeniably talented, multidisciplinary team — delivering a better experience for our clients, and real, tangible results. 

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