$1B Software Company

A new growth strategy enables 16% efficiency lift and acquisitions

A new growth strategy enables 16% efficiency lift and acquisitions

What We Did

A private equity-owned software company wanted to boost growth and productivity by improving and automating its front office operations. In need of strategic counsel and project management and execution guidance, the company looked to West Monroe to transform its go-to-market strategy, account management execution, customer service approach, and front office operations. Then, we helped implement market-leading technologies to bring their new strategy and vision to life.


annual growth targets achieved


efficiency improvement delivered


strategic acquisition enabled

Project Timeline

Market strategy analysis & planning
Workshop to design a future customer engagement model
Developed a new business model & action plan for customer engagement
Executed and operationalized the new customer engagement model

The Opportunity

Following an ownership change, leadership knew it needed to refresh its go-to-market strategy and revamp its customer service model to meet its aggressive growth goals. Leadership turned to West Monroe to define the growth strategy, design the ideal account management model, and redefine the customer success strategy and operations.

An Undeniable Approach

To revamp their strategy, our multi-disciplinary team of software industry experts and customer experience professionals developed a focused business unit and product growth plan that analyzed market size, growth, and competitors against an assessment of the company’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. We presented those insights at a board of directors meeting, which led to a new strategy—starting with a strategic acquisition.

Meanwhile, our team developed an industry and insights report for an executive leadership offsite meeting, enabling the company’s business unit leaders to identify potential growth platforms.

Next, we tackled the refresh of the company’s customer engagement model, starting with designing and leading a three-day workshop aimed at helping the leadership team determine organizational and financial priorities. Based on those findings, we designed a post-sales customer engagement process and execution plan to launch the new approach.

Our team also assessed the company’s service delivery operating and business model and made recommendations for key transformation initiatives. 

Returns You Can Measure

Thanks to West Monroe, the company’s management team is now aligned on and committed to key growth and efficiency priorities.

The revamped market strategy redefines plans for two of the company’s largest business units, defining M&A targets and strategic initiatives for the next 18 months.

The new customer engagement approach helped the sales department identify new upselling and cross-selling opportunities. Newly created account management roles provided stronger accountability and clarity, while enhanced customer service delivery processes provided much needed foundational support.

Critical product enhancements targeted at automation and data analytics aligned sales more closely with product and services functions.

The company now has an established set of KPIs across service delivery and account management that better measure and manage performance, allowing the company’s leadership team to concentrate on strategy and investment priorities.

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