A day in the life at West Monroe: Technology

Take a glimpse into your first months on the job

Ready to see what your career looks like in our Technology practice? Our clients’ needs change every day — and so do the projects our consultants work on. No two career paths are the same for our employees, just like no two days will be the same. Here’s a glimpse of one consultant’s journey as a member of our Business Analytics & Data Engineering team. We also hire technologists who specialize in Cloud & Infrastructure, Cybersecurity, Product Delivery Excellence, and Software Engineering. When you join West Monroe, you’ll create your own path!

Day 1: Meet your new work family

You’re introduced your team, who you’ll collaborate with on a daily basis. On your team, you’ll find mentors, partners, and protégés. We believe that we’re building the next generation of leaders. You’re an integral piece of the puzzle, and we’re glad you’re here.

Day 5: Jump right in

While you learn the ropes, you’re joining an established client team as they work with a mid-size healthcare payer to define ideal customer journeys, which will shape a more profitable long-term customer experience. Today, the team is working on algorithms that will produce ongoing data to help gather and define this information.

Day 45: Relax and enjoy our culture

It’s time for an all-hands meeting. We’ll spend the afternoon highlighting current projects, recognizing our peers for jobs well done, and sharing key employee-owner updates. We’ll end the afternoon with a volunteer opportunity as part of our corporate social responsibility efforts.

Day 50: Invest in yourself—we’ll back you

We encourage our consultants to continue learning and developing their skills. We have internal training sessions and our employees can learn about a new technology or one they currently are working in. Our consultants can validate their technical know-how with the latest credentials and certifications. Trainings cover a wide variety of subjects, from R, Python, and SAS, to SQL, regression testing, and more. Our consultants are empowered to take the time they need to keep their technical skills sharp.

Day 75: Accept your next challenge

West Monroe has been engaged by a fitness provider who is struggling to generate new-member sign-ups and to maintain a steady utilization of the facilities among existing members. The goal of the project is to analyze member data to identify a set of typical member types and understand their differing behaviors and key characteristics. This project will help the fitness provider identify behavior that predicts membership drop-offs, as well as market to key target audiences based on current customer profiles.

Day 100: Be the expert

Now that you’ve learned a new way to model data and deliver value to our clients, you want to help other new hires acquire the same knowledge. Host a lunch-and-learn sponsored by the company to share your experience and help others prepare.

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