A day in the life at West Monroe: Customer Experience

Take a glimpse into your first months on the job

Ready to imagine a career in our Customer Experience practice? It’s the first few weeks in your role at West Monroe, and you’re about to face challenges for major clients across a variety of industries. Here’s a glimpse of one consultant’s journey. When you join West Monroe, you’ll create your own! All set? Let’s get to work.

Day 1: Meet your new team

You’re not alone on this journey. The moment you arrive, you’ll get familiar with our team – a multidisciplinary group of seasoned industry experts, deep technologists, and CX experts. Together, we’ll modernize operation models. Together, we’ll develop cohesive programs that better serve customer expectations and drive top-line revenue. Together, we’ll not only formulate strategy and insight; we’ll put the plan into action, implementing the most effective technology, driving the strategy across all touchpoints, and measuring the results.  Along the way, we'll build lasting relationships with our clients.

Day 11: Jump right in

Today, you’re briefed on your first engagement. A large medical association is ready for evolution. They want to become a digital workplace – improving collaboration, connectedness, and efficiency among their employees. Our challenge? Engage with their people and identify their personal challenges and expectations. Then, work together to create a strategy that transforms their company into a digital workplace built on human-centered technology and design.

Day 23: Take the test

Today, your team takes a personality test to get to know each other's strengths. The results vary widely – which is good, because diverse thinking is key to our creating best results for our clients. But there are a few traits that carry across the team; every one scores high marks in both “empathy” and “collaborative skills.”

Day 35: Lead the leaders

Thought leadership is the currency of consultancy.

Today, our team is tasked with creating a piece of literature for current clients, potential customers, and our own employees. The topic? “Improving the Dental Experience.”

Pooling all the insight we’ve gathered from CX cases (including the ongoing medical project), we’ll create a collaborative whitepaper — a piece of thought-leadership that’s valuable to all business leaders. Maybe it’ll look something like this.

Day 40: On to our next challenge

It’s a new day, which means a new challenge at West Monroe. This time, the challenge is banking: How do you shift a bank’s focus to customers, rather than products? How do you make the business of money management all about people? And what emerging technologies will shape the solution?

As a member of our Customer Experience team, you’ll always be answering challenges through a multidisciplinary lens. But those challenges shift dramatically from one moment to the next. The key is to leverage technologies that help companies create positive, measurable impact for their customers. 

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