Your career journey

Exceptional talent should be challenged with opportunities to grow. Our career model offers multiple career paths to find your passion and build a career around what you love to do.

Your career journey

Forge your new path at West Monroe

We look beyond a one-track-fits-all approach. With us, careers progress by building new skills and evolving into new roles.

Choose your challenge

Our focus on transformational work and evolving industries offers new consultants a deep level of interaction and breadth of experience with C-level clients. So, you won’t have to wait to be challenged to stretch and grow outside of your comfort zone.

Choose your role

Not everyone needs to progress to Director to build a career at West Monroe. Director status is certainly achievable, but so is the opportunity to establish yourself as a Senior PAM (Principal, Architect, or Manager), to build deep expertise in your desired subject matter, or as an Innovation Fellow, focused on bringing new services or assets to market.

Innovation Fellow

We recognize that different types of experts make contributions in different ways. Our Innovation Fellow role offers a rewarding promotion path for experienced technologists who want to dedicate their careers to creating tangible, market-relevant products and services, and advancing West Monroe’s innovation capability.

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