Feb. 24, 2023 | InBrief

My West Monroe Journey: Making an Impact from the Start

Looking to grow as a leader early in your career? West Monroe gives our employees the resources, tools, and support to make it happen.

My West Monroe Journey: Making an Impact from the Start

Are you looking for a new challenge? Interested in leadership opportunities? 

A competitive advantage to joining a mid-sized firm such as West Monroe is the opportunity to lead engagements or internal initiatives at an early stage of your career. 

West Monroe believes in empowering our employees to own their career and has created a supportive culture to ensure everyone—regardless of level—is feeling fulfilled and challenged. 

While these moments of career ownership can be client-focused, there’s also opportunity to contribute to internal initiatives and take on leadership roles as a mentor. The impact our consultants make is tangible: Whether starting as a campus hire or making a career shift and transitioning into consulting for the first time, West Monroe employees are provided opportunities to contribute in meaningful ways.   

West Monroe’s career model provides a framework for career progression and expectations around what it means to perform at level. Our Experienced and Senior Consultants typically have 2-5 years of working experience—and while this is still relatively early in their respective careers, we’ve developed some of the best, tenured leaders at the firm by allowing them to take on stretch roles to fuel professional growth. Here’s what some of those leaders had to say: 

While stepping out of your comfort zone and taking on a new challenge might seem overwhelming, West Monroe makes sure you’re supported with a multidisciplinary project team to help you succeed early in your career. 

Our career model is not only creating impactful work for our employees but also for our clients. 

West Monroe also provides internal resources and opportunity to hone leadership skills. Professional training and development are investments our firm takes on every year to help cultivate new skills in our employees as they move through the career model.

A significant focus at West Monroe is creating a collaborative culture and building an environment that allows everyone to contribute at their full potential. Our Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) provide opportunities for employees to collaborate, build relationships, and learn from each other.  

Our success in building the Next Generation of Leaders and empowering our Experienced and Senior Consultants to make such significant ownership would not be possible without the support of our leaders at the firm.  

Not only are our people managers effectively leading by example, they also prioritize seeking out opportunities that will align with their advisees’ professional goals.   

Our consultants have made lasting impacts and have delivered incredible results at such an early point in their career. While West Monroe provides the resources, support, and culture to succeed, it’s the drive and curiosity of our consultants that make us grateful for our young leaders. 

If you’re interested in making an impact for our clients and firm at West Monroe, check out our career page. We’d be lucky to have you! 

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