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6 reasons women love working at West Monroe

6 reasons women love working at West Monroe

When you’re job searching, is company culture among your top considerations? For many of us, evaluating office life is often sidelined during the job search process, because it can be more difficult to anticipate or measure than elements like salary and benefits. 

But at West Monroe — a business and technology consulting firm — cultivating a positive company culture is a priority among leaders. And as employees take note, job seekers should, too. 

Here are six reasons women love working at West Monroe:

1. The people and culture 

You spend a lot of time at work, so your relationships with your colleagues can make or break your job satisfaction. Case in point: Reva Busby, a Senior Manager at West Monroe, says one of the reasons she loves her job most is the people and culture.

The people truly are amazing,” she says. “Of course we have fun at firm social events or going out on the town. But over the years we have celebrated the big milestones that matter, like weddings, graduations, and babies. I even have weekend playdates with my colleagues’ families!


2. Charity and community work

Working for a company that has admirable values can go a long way in increasing your job satisfaction. For one West Monroe employee, the fact that her company is strongly committed to corporate social responsibility makes all the difference. “On Friday, June 1,  we completed our company-wide National Day of Change,” she says. On this day, the company set aside consulting work to allow employees to come together to support local organizations. 

3. The work is meaningful

We all know what it feels like to try to be productive when we don’t care much about what we’re working toward. At West Monroe, this isn’t a problem:

I love the work! It's an amazing opportunity to try a variety of industries and get exposure to new skills and ideas.


4. “Wine in the kitchen.” —Liz Kitto, a Manager at West Monroe

“This is seconded by all WMP employees!” says another employee. “Those who don’t enjoy wine have beer or unlimited Le Croix/soda options.”

5. Thoughtful career opportunities

One West Monroe employee says that activities like the Chief's program, Fischer Fellowship Program — which supports employees' philanthropic and humanitarian interests — and Innovation Teams within the company enable employees to make a difference in the WMP or global community from early on in their careers. 

6. We recruit the “best and brightest”

My coworkers are some of the most hard-working, intelligent, passionate people I've ever met.


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