March 2021 | Q&A Spotlight

Alumni Spotlight: Liam Mundy, Zillow

Empowering people to do fulfilling work is our first priority, no matter where their career journey takes them. We caught up with Liam, a former manager with our Salesforce practice.

Alumni Spotlight: Liam Mundy, Zillow

Liam Mundy is a senior Salesforce manager at Zillow, an online real estate marketplace. Liam manages two teams to support business lines across Zillow Group, including the rentals business and the newer Zillow Offers division. 

What’s a typical day look like for you at Zillow? 

I am primarily a people manager, which means that I spend at least some part of every day in one-on-one meetings or in coaching conversations. I also spend a good chunk of time in preliminary project conversations, helping our partner product teams think through if and how Salesforce could solve specific business problems.

Zillow is currently working to build an asynchronous-first culture. As a result, I have spent more time composing and reviewing written documents; examples include a business case to purchase additional licensing and a project brief for a proposed Salesforce Survey implementation. We’re a technology team so there are also parts of my day that are unexpected, like trying to help track down the root cause of an outage.

What drew you to accept the role at Zillow? 

I had been at another company between West Monroe and Zillow, and I yearned for a work environment and culture that was more like West Monroe’s. I wanted to work somewhere where inquisitiveness and initiative are valued more than the status quo. I was also looking for a place where there is a sense of togetherness, where my peers assume positive intent, and where they are unlikely to use the phrase “that’s not my job.”

Moreover (and I have to give a shoutout), my mind was ultimately made up when I learned that I would get to work for another West Monroe alumna.  It is truly a gift to work for someone who speaks the same language as you and who you know has what it takes to drive the ship. 

What was your favorite part about working at West Monroe? 

The fact that West Monroe was so people-first. This has impacted me both as an employee (I was given so much opportunity for professional development) and also as a people manager (I know what good people development looks like). 

What did you learn from or get out of your time at West Monroe that is helping you on your career path today? 

First, I gained the extremely valuable, rinse-and-repeat experience of working in 30+ Salesforce orgs across a variety of industries. That knowledge is an asset as we work to mature our Salesforce practice and avoid the pitfalls of poor and unscalable design.

It was at West Monroe that I learned how to be a people manager. I had good examples to look up to and I was given the opportunity to participate in several different leadership training programs. This has made a world of difference as I navigate the increasing responsibility that I have to manage careers for others.


Now I get to help people grow in their own careers the way my mentors and leaders at West Monroe helped me, and I find that incredibly fulfilling!

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