Sep. 24, 2020 | InBrief

Alumni Spotlight: Paul Augustine, Lyft

Empowering people to do fulfilling work is our first priority, no matter where their career journey takes them. We caught up with Paul, a former senior manager in our E&U practice.

Alumni Spotlight: Paul Augustine, Lyft

Paul Augustine is the senior manager of sustainability at on-demand transportation service company Lyft. Sustainability is a broad, multidisciplinary area at Lyft and his role entails a combination of policy engagement, strategy, data analysis, program management, environmental reporting, communications and marketing, and business development.

Paul was attracted to Lyft’s mission to “improve people’s lives with the world’s best transportation.” While traveling as a senior principal in West Monroe’s energy & utilities practice, conversations with Lyft drivers—veterans, retirees, parents, college students, and entrepreneurs—became a highlight of his trips and led him to appreciate how Lyft was providing an opportunity to earn money for those who needed flexibility or had a hard time finding other kinds of work. In addition to improving people’s lives economically, Lyft was founded on the belief that technology can improve lives by reducing greenhouse gas emissions from the transportation system. In his current role, Paul has the opportunity to guide Lyft to making good on that goal.

My experience at West Monroe prepared me to jump in and create immediate impact in ever-changing circumstances. ”

Paul says his time at West Monroe prepared him well for working at a dynamic company like Lyft. “Being thrown into a variety of projects and having to deliver value quickly helped me hone the versatility required in my current role. In just the past two years since I joined, we went from a private company to a public one, undergone numerous organizational changes, added thousands of employees, and managed through numerous regulatory changes. My experience at West Monroe prepared me to jump in and create immediate impact in ever-changing circumstances.”

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