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Product Competency Analyzer 

Are your products and experiences meeting and exceeding the needs of your customers?

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Product Competency Analyzer 

Build products that your customers love

Leveraging our latest Digital Disconnect research of 700 C-suite executives and 5,000 consumers, we’ll tell you how your product and customer capabilities compare to your industry leaders and how they align to what your consumers want. Are you leveraging AI the same way your competitors are? Are you ahead or behind your peers? 

In 5 minutes, West Monroe’s Product Competency Analyzer will let you know how your product development and customer capabilities compare to the leaders in your specific industry. You’ll see your custom score, as well as your industry average, the top 25% in your industry, and recommendations for areas of prioritization.

Build AI Into Your Business

It’s time to get past the hype of generative AI and turn it into tangible business value. West Monroe knows how.

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