Feb. 27, 2020 | Podcast

This is CX, Episode 56: Five key trends bringing customer success and customer experience together

Paul and Mike are joined by Dhaval Moogimane, a director in West Monroe's M&A practice and customer success (CS) subject matter expert - to continue discussions on the merging of customer experience and customer success

They discuss five key trends driving the evolution and merging of Customer Success and Customer Experience, including:

  • Shifting the focus on outcomes from primarily Churn Reduction to Relationship Expansion (Net Retention Growth)
  • Tighter integration and alignment of distinct roles between Customer Success and Customer Experience functions
  • Delivering CS at Scale across all customers (and not just the most important)
  • Evolving customer-focused technology to drive CS
  • The importance of data and organizations' ability to deliver the right data and the right time in the right context to lead to action


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