Nov. 6, 2018 | Podcast

Guest Podcast: West Monroe gets into co-investing

Guest Podcast: West Monroe gets into co-investing

Matt Sondag, leader of West Monroe's M&A practice, and Brian Jacobsen, managing partner of West Monroe Capital, joined MMG Editor Kathryn Mulligan to discuss the business and technology consulting firm’s new co-investment strategy.

After spending a year and a half speaking with the firm’s private equity clients, West Monroe decided it would begin co-investing alongside PE firms on deals where the firm sees an opportunity to drive value creation.

Sondag and Jacobsen describe the strategy behind the new approach and the types of investments the firm will consider. They also weigh in on the trends impacting middle-market M&A going into 2019, including larger funds moving into the middle market, firms adding operating partners to their teams, and more. 


We’re not just in position where we say, ‘Hey, we think this deal is interesting and therefore we want to raise our hand and co-invest.’ We have to see a play where we can drive value post-close. ”

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