May 2, 2019 | InBrief

West Monroe named in Forrester Data Warehouse Automation Platform Report

West Monroe named in Forrester Data Warehouse Automation Platform Report

Forrester just released the following report; Data Warehouse Automation Platforms Help Close The Data-To-Insight Gap.” According to the report’s key takeaways, “agile BI requires more than just agile dashboards” and “DWA enables BI self-service for use cases requiring a data warehouse.” We are honored to see West Monroe's Rapid Insights (formerly Rapid Analytics Platform (RAP)) cited in this report that covers the BI/analytics development life cycle.

West Monroe’s Approach To Data Integration Challenges 

Today’s businesses run on a continuously growing number of data sources. As the number and variety of new sources grows within an organization, complexity, cost of maintenance, and governance issues rise exponentially. Even the most modern solutions require massive amounts of in-house technical expertise, and result in slow, difficult, often misinterpreted translations between the business and IT groups. These challenges cause data initiatives to stall out, overrun costs, and fail to deliver on the promise of insight delivery. The good news? New technical breakthroughs now enable faster, easier, more agile data systems.

Leveraging many of these breakthrough concepts, and introducing a few additional concepts, West Monroe’s Rapid Insights takes a different approach to accelerating and maintaining a data ecosystem. Instead of focusing on helping data engineers build individual data pipelines faster and oftentimes losing sight of the big picture, RAP delivers an automated, easy to maintain pipeline management system. RAP’s unique blend of data preparation and data integration capabilities coupled with DWA enables organization to quickly iterate on proof of concept and seamlessly promote solution to production, all done with zero custom development, builds or deployments.

West Monroe offers a unique blend of our world class business and technical professional services along with RAP’s disruptive and valuable feature set. With West Monroe’s services and RAP’s functionality combined, you can dramatically reduce time to insight, drive data innovation within your organization, and cut down on the cost and complexity of maintaining your data environment. Contact us for additional information.

For the full research report from Forrester, visit Forrester’s site [access requires subscription or purchase].  

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