Sean McHale

Sean McHale

Director Technology Los Angeles

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Sean established himself as a CTO with a budget-conscious approach for building highly secure and scalable web applications that support millions of user sessions. Now, he uses that experience to help private equity clients understand, mitigate, and remediate technology risk in their investments. He has performed custom software assessments for several multi-billion-dollar deals and is the technical lead on approximately 50 deals per year ranging in transaction size from $150 million to $4 billion. 

With more than 20 years of technology experience that crosses many industries, including healthcare, logistics, real estate, education, e-commerce, publishing, and entertainment, he has a wealth of knowledge in technology management, service delivery, application security, and systems scalability. His analysis simplifies even the most complex challenges and equips clients with the concise insight they need to achieve investment objectives.  

He also serves on the leadership teams for our Los Angeles office and the West Coast Technology practice.  

Prior to joining West Monroe, Sean was the CTO for several successful technology start-ups, including While there, he built a proprietary data replication system and pioneered a horizontally-scalable system architecture long before it became an industry standard. He also built a highly-effective custom fraud detection suite that reduced chargebacks to a small fraction of industry averages.

What makes Sean different

Sean has spent nearly half his life overseas, living and working in Europe, Asia, and Australia. While in Australia, in addition to launching a successful technology startup, Sean became an avid deep-sea fisherman and coffee aficionado. He is also a musician who enjoys playing the many instruments he has collected over his extensive years of travel.

Where Sean makes an impact

An entrepreneur at heart, he maintains an active role in the Los Angeles start-up community. He has been an advisor to numerous early-stage start-ups, guiding young entrepreneurs through technology challenges, best practices, budgeting, and the technical recruitment process. He also enjoys mentoring young consultants and instilling software architecture and due diligence skills.

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