Chris Coleman

Chris Coleman

Senior Manager Financial Services Chicago


Chris understands what it takes for banks to run effectively and differentiate themselves in a competitive sector. That’s his focus in the market every day. For example, he led a target operating model project for a commercial bank that is delivering up to $10 million in annual savings. He transformed a bank contact center to elevate customer experience while eliminating low-value activities. And he introduced core Financial Services Cloud and Marketing Cloud functionality to enable a $10 billion commercial and private bank to create better customer visibility and enhance banker’s ability to cross-sell new products. 

Chris’s ability to influence organizational effectiveness results from his unique base of experience in commercial lending and bank operations, merger integration, digital transformation, business process reengineering, channel optimization, and complex program management.  

Chris joined West Monroe as part of our acquisition of CAST Management Consultants in 2017. He earned a bachelor’s degree and graduated with honors from Wesleyan University.

What makes Chris different

Chris knows how to analyze information from disparate sources and make data-driven decisions—he majored in Earth and Environmental Science and spent time in the Arctic Circle collecting data for his honors thesis. 

He and his wife enjoy traveling to new places and spending the entire day on their feet, exploring. When at home, their agenda includes gardening, cooking, and puzzles – and their new role as parents in 2020. 

Where Chris makes an impact

He is a member of the Young Leaders Board of Lakeview Pantry in Chicago. 

Chris likes to organize team events to promote collaboration and build team culture. He is an avid mentor to junior colleagues.

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