February 2023

Meeting the needs of population health and care management

Keeping up with evolving regulations and patient sentiment is a challenge. Learn how healthcare organizations can modernize their operations sustainably.

Meeting the needs of population health and care management

Keeping up with change in the healthcare world is challenging. Organizations feel the pressure from evolving regulations and patient sentiment. To keep up, they’re trying to adapt authorization processes to meet new regulations, modernize systems and processes, and automate their workflows. But the traditional approach of simply investing in technology isn’t enough.  

No single solution can provide timely, meaningful engagement. Instead, healthcare organizations need a diverse toolset to help reach, engage, and educate constituents. This holistic approach requires a shift in mindset—one where stakeholders see the importance of a cross-functional team that can use technology to support different aspects of a member’s life.  

Many organizations shy away from these changes since they seem monumental. West Monroe takes a different approach. We focus on modernization instead of transformation, allowing our partners to think about improvement in a sustainable way.  

Sustainable modernization for healthcare organizations

Adapting to the evolving healthcare consumer requires a fresh mindset, driven by a modernized care model and digital tools that are holistic and experience-focused. Leaders need to think of optimization as an active state of being, not a one-time event. Only then can tools be integrated based on current member needs and optimized for improved experiences. Embracing a holistic mindset has several benefits, including:  

  • Concurrent optimization. Our models are fluid and plan for interconnected technology, enabling the simultaneous optimization of technology and services.  
  • Holistic tools. We don’t just map what’s visible; we take a deep look at all your digital and analog tools to help you connect the dots.  
  • Ready-built product teams. We craft teams with multi-disciplinary experience that help you speed up product development and return on investment.  

Our healthcare industry and technical expertise helps partners accelerate change, reduce costs, and improve outcomes. How do we help partners navigate this multi-year journey? 

A three-phase approach to modernizing population health and care management.

Healthcare modernization is only possible when your team, vision, and roadmap align. We start with establishing and getting buy-in on your shared vision. During this process, we set up and staff an office with experts that will help execute and optimize your vision. Our three-phase approach helps us build and sustain momentum during the project.   


We begin by working with your team to validate your vision, create the future-state design, and start implementing the change strategy. During this phase, we:  

  • Rapidly evaluate and validate opportunities across population health focus areas 
  • Establish and align on a shared vision to inform future state design and begin “no regrets” work efforts 
  • Establish an actionable roadmap and set the foundation for a focused optimization office to mobilize for change 


Our goal is to help our partners realize value early on. We do this by executing on quick wins while simultaneously standing up the optimization office and preparing for the modernization initiative. During this phase, we: 

  • Begin implementing quick wins and set up management tools  
  • Stand up sustainable optimization office  
  • Establish governance and collaborative structures to rationalize efforts while maintaining transparency 
  • Continue to refine documentation and execution of “no regrets” work in preparation of solution upgrades 


Sustainable modernization requires an adaptive approach—one that listens to the needs of your members and organization and applies incremental changes that improve care management. We do just that by running the optimization office, executing digital upgrades, measuring change, and refining our approach.  Our team will work with your organization to:  

  • Run and maintain optimization office while managing change and driving delivery 
  • Support delivery of digital solutions, operational readiness, and roll-out 
  • Develop and monitor value framework to measure program effectiveness and change adoption 
  • Document support training and facilitate hand-offs to ease the transition and empower teams for long-term success 

Partner with West Monroe’s deep industry experience

Modernizing your healthcare organization requires alignment in vision and an approach that incorporates your people, processes, and technology. West Monroe’s diverse expertise covers healthcare, technology, organizational change management, and digital product development. We combine this expertise with industry-leading accelerators like capability frameworks and assessment tools to help you quickly shape your initiative’s goals and get everyone moving in the same direction.  

Population health and care management are critical to better understanding at-risk populations and delivering positive outcomes. However, serving patients hinges on your organization’s ability to meet member needs and expectations. West Monroe is ready to help you build an actionable strategy tailored to your vision and mission. Let’s modernize healthcare together.  

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