Consulting looks good on you: Your first 30 Days as an intern at West Monroe

Our clients’ needs change every day—and so do the projects our consultants work on. No two career paths are the same for our staff, just like no two days will be the same. Here’s a glimpse of how one of our campus hires spent her first 30 days. When you join West Monroe, you’ll get to create your own path!  

Day 1: Meet your new best friends

You’re introduced to your West Monroe practice team during Consulting 101. It’s a big day for the West Monroe new hire class. In this interactive five-day workshop, you’ll learn the basics of a consulting career while exploring strategies to create value for your client that you’ll apply to projects for years to come. You’ll interact directly with company leadership while enjoying social time with your new peers. Take a look around: Your new best friend might be sitting next to you. 

Day 8: Learn the drill

Now that you’ve acquired the building blocks of your new career in Consulting 101, it’s time to lay a strong foundation. In our practice-specific boot camps, you’ll spend time with your West Monroe team. One goal of the boot camp is to get to know your career advisor and colleagues while learning the methodologies that are specific to your industry or area of expertise. Each person in the room is excited that you’re here, and wants to help you grow. And one day, you’ll be part of this boot camp helping to groom the next generation of West Monroe leaders.  

Day 15: Come out from behind that desk

You won’t spend your first weeks sitting behind a desk reading training manuals. Our new hires join current project teams to learn the ropes, and we look to them to make contributions immediately. Today, you’re joining a Customer Experience project team at a mid-size credit union. The client is looking to increase memberships and market share—and West Monroe boasts the perfect blend of industry knowledge and data-driven methodologies to help. In this phase of the project, we’re digging deep into customer data to segment member types. We’ll use this information to develop innovative marketing and customer engagement strategies.  

Day 20: Time to bond with your local team

It’s time for an all-office meeting. We’ll spend the day highlighting current projects, recognizing our peers for jobs well done, and sharing key employee-owner updates. We’ll end the afternoon with a service opportunity for a cause as part of our corporate social responsibility efforts.

Day 30: Accept your first challenge

Today you’re being assigned to your first client engagement. Alongside your team, you’ll sit down with C-level executives within a growing consumer goods company to design a practical applications strategy and roadmap for implementing a new ERP system. 

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