Jan. 13, 2023 | InBrief

My West Monroe Journey: The Work-Life Balance of a Working Parent

My West Monroe Journey: The Work-Life Balance of a Working Parent

What happens when employees have to balance the demands of parenthood with the demands of a growing career? The combination of the two can feel like an impossible, never-ending juggling act. 

Many of West Monroe’s current employees, leaders, and candidates are in the thick of managing both their family and work lives—while some others might be considering starting this exciting new chapter. 

West Monroe understands those challenges—we’ve been on Fortune’s Best Workplaces for Parents list four consecutive years—and we chatted with a few employees who are navigating through these obstacles simultaneously. 

How do you balance your heavy workload while being an involved parent?

How do you navigate the perception of being in an impactful role while feeling that it’s OK to set boundaries as a parent?  

In your experience, what has been the biggest parental benefit offered by the firm? 


Whether you’re considering starting a family or years into your parenthood journey, we know how important it is to feel supported both personally and professionally. As Karen shared, it’s important to “be prepared to give yourself grace. Don’t put pressure on yourself to have a set plan. You can never truly know what expanding your family will mean to you until it happens.” 

Whether it’s finding your village, setting boundaries, or managing expectations with colleagues, it’s important that “we talk about community” Kevin said. “I wish that people know that there are so many people in a parent’s corner cheering them on.” 

West Monroe is proud to offer numerous benefits that support working parents, including paid parental leave, Dependent Care FSA, Back-Up Care through Bright Horizons, and access to Maven Maternity—which includes 24/7 access to virtual care ranging from prenatal support to pediatric support and free breast milk shipping when traveling for work. 

West Monroe also has a Consulting Moms Group that was created to help build a community for working mothers in the organization. The group has an integrated buddy system to support employees that have shared similar experiences in their parenting journey.
As a Great Place to Work for Parents, we focus on our people and try to empower each person to bring their best selves to work—and we know that combines and embraces personal and professional experiences. 

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