Oct. 11, 2011 | Press Release

West Monroe Teams with CharterMast Partners and Ativo Research on Sustainability

West Monroe Teams with CharterMast Partners and Ativo Research on Sustainability

West Monroe Partners, a full-service business and technology consulting firm, today announced that it has entered into an alliance with CharterMast Partners, LLC, and Ativo Research LLC, affiliate companies that provide tools and insight for assessing the impact of management decisions on enterprise value.

“Our clients face increasing scrutiny from boards, regulators, and consumers about their commitment to sustainability and the initiatives they put in place. We have seen growing interest in the ability to measure the impact of their efforts,” said Dean Fischer, West Monroe Partners’ president and CEO. “Our strategic sustainability value framework is a way to help organizations embed sustainability more effectively and guide development of initiatives that are best aligned with corporate and investor goals.”

The sustainability value framework leverages a one-of-a-kind modeling process which combines cost of capital (COC) calculations with more than 120 sustainability factors from 2,800 firms to determine what sustainability behavior, practices, policies and risks have material value impacts.

“Traditionally, companies have struggled to assign a value to sustainability initiatives and demonstrate the financial impact to the organization,” said Dennis Aust, managing director of Charter Mast Partners. “Through this offering, we can help them build a direct link between sustainability and financial results and take the right steps to creating enterprise value.”

“By working with West Monroe Partners, we are able to package a one of a kind financial modeling process with on-the-ground business and industry experience to offer a practical and value-based approach to sustainability,” said Daniel Allen, director of sustainability initiatives for Ativo Research.

About CharterMast

CharterMast Partners, LLC provides public and privately held companies the insights and tools to link specific management decisions and actions to share prices, to understand exactly how reported corporate performance does and does not reflect real economic performance, and how real economic performance increases the total value of the enterprise.  CharterMast’s key expertise is in understanding what drives your company's enterprise value, identifying what is needed to change it, and putting in place the strategies and operating plans/processes to make it happen.  For more information, visit www.chartermast.com

About Ativo Research

CharterMast is the consulting affiliate of Ativo Research LLC,  one of the industry pioneers in the practical application of quantitative finance theory (Chicago School) to real-world analysis of securities.  With a pedigree that dates from 1971, Ativo today covers the world with research recommendations on almost 17,000 securities, or 98% of global investable capital. The Ativo group of companies is currently developing Q-ESG™, a proprietary quantitative methodology for the integration of environmental, social and governance (ESG) risk management factors into financial research and the investment process.  For more information, visit www.ativoresearch.com

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