March 29, 2012 | Press Release

West Monroe Offers Enhanced Smart Energy Services Offering

West Monroe Offers Enhanced Smart Energy Services Offering

West Monroe Partners’ Smart Energy Platform identifies new financial value streams through innovative energy and pollution management programs.

West Monroe Partners, a North American business and technology consulting firm, announces an enhanced smart energy services offering designed to facilitate creation of effective new energy programs and strategies for businesses, utilities, and communities, alike. “Smart energy” is an emerging high priority for a variety of organizations seeking to address escalating energy and pollution costs and regulatory demands by equipping users to understand and proactively manage energy consumption.

"As the cost of and demand for electricity and fossil fuels continues to climb, so has interest in innovative solutions that allow organizations to better understand how they can optimize their energy use and distributed generation options,” said Tom Hulsebosch, managing director of West Monroe Partners’ Energy & Utilities practice. “We have found that many organizations are struggling to bring smart energy strategies to life because they are not holistically analyzing the key technical, business, and societal factors that impact their energy vision and business case. Our Smart Energy Platform is designed to integrate energy efficiency and distributed generation options through design, conservation, demand management, and finally distributed generation, including renewables.”

West Monroe Partners’ smart energy services offering supports community developers and planners looking to attract environmentally-conscious residents and companies, businesses that have significant financial risk and opportunity related to energy use and pollution, and utilities and municipalities that want to develop optimal energy policies that generate support of key stakeholders and bolster job and economic growth. Learn more about West Monroe’s smart energy service offering.

“West Monroe Partners translated our smart energy community design concepts into a roadmap for our 1500 acre master planned community, Badger Mountain South. Their Smart Energy Platform enabled us to create an integrated set of developer, municipal and customer choices that, when implemented, will allow us to build an innovative community infrastructure to promote energy efficiency and regulatory compliance, reduce pollution, and save money for our residents and stakeholders,” said Loren Combs, Project Manager, VSI Development, LLC.

The City of Chicago is also benefiting from West Monroe’s smart energy capabilities. West Monroe Partners is part of a City-led consortium that received a $750,000 grant from the US Department of Energy (DOE) as part of an effort to transform the Chicago region into one of the nation’s leading solar markets. Over the next year, the West Monroe team will be working across multiple City of Chicago departments to streamline the zoning, permitting, and inspection processes for distributed solar photovoltaic systems. As part of this project, the team will be working with Chicago’s electric distribution utility, Commonwealth Edison (ComEd), to improve the interconnection process and provide policy framework recommendations.

Smart energy services represent the latest offering introduced by West Monroe Partners’ Energy & Utilities and Sustainability Practices, which have become trusted advisors to large energy users and utility industry clients in the area of smart grid transformational programs and sustainable energy strategies. These service offerings simultaneously address the economic, environmental, and energy objectives of utilities and large energy users alike.

For more information, please contact Tom Hulsebosch, managing director of West Monroe’s Energy & Utilities practice.

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