Jan. 25, 2012 | Press Release

West Monroe Named to Brill Street Top 50 Generation Y Employers 2011

As part of this award, Brill Street cited the nature of work and experiences our firms' Gen Y consultants are exposed to—including the ability to work with top-level talent, to learn new things every day, and to be innovative and flexible in addressing client needs—as a key area of strength.

West Monroe Partners, a North American business and technology consulting firm, today announced that it has been named one of the 50 most Generation Y friendly companies in the Chicagoland area in a biannual ranking published by Brill Street + Company. For the purposes of the study, Brill Street defined Generation Y as employees 28 years old and younger.

“Since our inception in 2003, we have worked hard to build and maintain a people-focused culture and an authentic, upbeat, and highly motivated work environment,” said Dean Fischer, West Monroe Partners’ president and CEO. “We know from our own internal feedback that this type of environment resonates well with Generation Y, and the Brill Street validates that in this study. We are pleased to be recognized as an organization committed to engaging Generation Y, the future of our workforce.”

West Monroe Partners, with a workforce of more than 300 across North America, has more than 100 Generation Y employees as defined in the study. Brill Street cited the nature of work and experiences to which West Monroe’s younger consultants are exposed—including the ability to work with top-level talent, to learn new things every day, and to be innovative and flexible in addressing client needs—as a key area of strength. It also recognized the opportunities for Generation Y employees to collaborate with others, at all levels of the organization, and to contribute their ideas openly both in both client work and in company operations.

For-profit companies, not-for-profit companies, and government employers with at least 10 percent of its workforce comprised of Generation Y employees were eligible to nominate their organizations through a detailed survey assessment of their workplaces. Finalists scoring highly in several areas—including social media position, overall environment, advancement potential, nature of day-to-day work, work/life balance, social responsibility, benefits, flexible working hours, employee voice in pitching new ideas, and training and development programs—were selected for on-site interviews to verify survey data and hear what employees believe make their workplace unique.

Using a proprietary mathematical model developed by GtK Custom Research North America, a world leading marketing research organization, companies were ranked on a 300-point scale The model was weighted by the key attributes that Gen Yers find important in the workplace.

Read more about the Brill Street + Company ranking.

About West Monroe Partners

West Monroe Partners is a North American, full-service business and technology consulting firm focused on guiding organizations through projects that fundamentally transform their business. With the experience to create the most ambitious visions as well as the skills to implement the smallest details of our client’s most critical projects, West Monroe Partners is a proven provider of growth and efficiency to large enterprises, as well as more nimble middle-market organizations. Our more than 300 consulting professionals drive better business results by harnessing our collective experience across a range of industries, serving clients out of offices across the US and Canada.

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