May 23, 2012 | Press Release

West Monroe Launches WMP-OneCall Business Communications

West Monroe Launches WMP-OneCall Business Communications

West Monroe Partners, a North American business and technology consulting firm, today announced the launch of its newest telecommunications solution – WMP-OneCall Business Communications.

“Organizations today are being forced to look at every aspect of their business and identify ways to streamline processes, reduce costs and increase efficiency of their workforce, “ said Dan Belmont, director of West Monroe Partners’ Telecommunications practice. “Having multiple contact points for employees across multiple networks and devices - cell phone, desk phone, voice mail, email, wireless laptop, tablet, or smartphone – without the ability to manage communications across these devices is inefficient and unproductive, not to mention costly. And yet, most businesses still haven’t fully leveraged their current platforms in a way to see a real difference in worker efficiency and operating costs.”

WMP-OneCall Business Communications Solutions takes call convergence technology one step further, allowing an enterprise to quickly realize all the typical benefits associated with a single number solution while significantly reducing a business’s telecommunication costs. With WMP-OneCall, a business receives this operational efficiency for a fraction of the monthly costs associated with traditional call convergence solutions by creating:

  • One phone number and one voice mail box for desk and mobile phones
  • Busy/don’t answer functionality, call forwarding and simultaneous bridged calling
  • Web Portal for messaging and voice to allow employees the option to change their call routing based on preference
  • Interactive voice recognition (IVR), speech-to-text and text-to-speech capability
  • Company controlled phone numbers
  • Instant communications that improve user productivity, manager visibility, and communication reliability
  • Advanced architecture and algorithmic least cost routing

West Monroe Partners has implemented this proven technology and process and witnessed an average of 30-40% reduction in existing costs associated with telecommunication provider charges. In addition, WMP-OneCall Business Communications solution doesn’t require extensive set-up time – with West Monroe Partners services it is simple to implement and roll-out to your organization, so you can quickly realize the operational and cost-savings benefits.

Do you want to see how your company can take advantage of these savings? Please contact Dan Belmont – Director of Telecommunications at 312-980-9385. To learn more about OneCall, visit our web page.

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