July 20, 2011 | Press Release

West Monroe Launches FLEXdls™ Analytics

West Monroe Launches FLEXdls™ Analytics

West Monroe Partners, a full-service business and technology consultancy, today announced the release of a new analytics module for FLEXdls™, its innovative labor management software solution.

The FLEXdls™ Analytics application provides executives, managers and authorized personnel with a new and user-friendly way to access timely metrics related to an organization’s labor performance through its interactive and customizable dashboards and reports. Executives and Managers can utilize the available information to assess current performance and address operational issues as they are occurring. Historical data is readily available for past performance and trend based reporting and can be exported for presentation purposes. Users have the ability to create their own reports and personalize their dashboards, in addition to selecting from a repository of pre-existing visual reporting objects, eliminating the need for external reporting solutions.

“The introduction of Flexdls Analytics adds an exciting capability to our foundation product,” says Joshua Sandstrom, Director, West Monroe Partners. “Our new business intelligence solution provides supervisors and managers with a powerful toolset to monitor labor performance and enable timely decision making to drive labor optimization.”

The FLEXdls™ Analytics solution offers benefits for both existing and prospective FLEXdls™ users. Existing users can easily add the FLEXdls™ Analytics solution to their existing installation to enhance reporting, while new users can quickly deploy the pre-built set of reports to quickly gain insight into their organizations’ labor performance.

FLEXdls™ Analytics users can choose from nine pre-built visual reporting objects. Each object is easy to configure and allows users to determine how they want to view or share their data. The application also includes a rules-based event management engine that enables users to set up customized alerts. These alerts notify assigned stakeholders so that they can take immediate action and allocate resources to meet operational needs while maximizing business performance.

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