June 17, 2014 | Press Release

West Monroe and Accellos Release Video Case Study with Hopewell Logistics

West Monroe and Accellos Release Video Case Study with Hopewell Logistics

Combined partnership has helped Hopewell Logistics improve warehouse productivity by nearly 20%.

West Monroe Partners, a North American business and technology firm, today released a video case study in partnership with Accellos, a leading supply chain management software company and Hopewell Logistics, a third party logistics provider in Brampton, Canada.

The five-minute video illustrates how Hopewell Logistics has streamlined operations and improved efficiency, by virtually 20 percent, while leveraging the AccellosOne Enterprise 3PL Warehouse Management System (WMS) and West Monroe’s FLEXdls discrete labor management tool.  

“Third party logistics providers are under tremendous pressure to continuously lower costs,” said Yves Belanger, Director at West Monroe Partners. “Working with Accellos, we were able to find significant labor savings even in a well-run facility like Hopewell Logistics.”

Hopewell Logistics was established in 1996 to allow manufacturers to outsource their warehousing and distribution and achieve cost savings through shared resources. With state of the art facilities in Brampton and Calgary, Hopewell Logistics is able to offer sophisticated supply chain management services to a long list of blue chip companies.

“We began our relationship with Hopewell Logistics over 20 years ago and have worked side-by-side with them as they have grown their business, added new distribution centers and continued to improve the services they offer their clients,” said Joe Couto, Senior Vice President and General Manager at Accellos. “Our partnership with West Monroe Partners enables us to offer clients a fully integrated warehouse management system and sophisticated labor management tool with real-time dashboard reporting – designed specifically for 3PLs like Hopewell Logistics.”

West Monroe Partners and Accellos launched an official partnership in February 2013 to better serve the 3PL community.

Click here to watch the full video.

About Accellos

Accellos is a global provider of software solutions specifically designed for the unique needs of logistics service providers and midsized businesses. Over 4,000 companies trust Accellos to be the technology backbone of their global supply chains. Accellos provides solutions for warehouse management systems (WMS), third party logistics (3PL), fleet management, transportation management systems (TMS), electronic data interchange (EDI), retail store operations, automated barcode data collection, parcel shipping, transportation optimization and supply chain business intelligence. Accellos solutions are built on the AccellosOne platform, a modern technology platform featuring a user-friendly interface and simplified technical administration. For more information, email info@accellos.com or visit www.accellos.com.

About The Hopewell Group of Companies

The Hopewell Group of Companies is a diversified group of four leading companies serving the commercial real estate, residential real estate, land development and logistics industries across Canada. As one of Canada's leading real estate and logistics groups, the Hopewell companies are united by a spirit of teamwork and the belief that “together we can achieve the impossible”.  This spirit of teamwork and adventure extends to all of our business relationships and has been the driving force behind our growth enabling Hopewell to become a leader in the markets we serve.  The partnership between West Munroe, Accellos and Hopewell Logistics exemplifies the spirit of teamwork and innovation by delivering a project that was on time, on budget and achieved all the anticipated objectives. .For further information, please visit our website at http://www.hopewell.com .

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