April 18, 2011 | Press Release

West Monroe Adds Director in Columbus, Ohio

West Monroe Adds Director in Columbus, Ohio

West Monroe Partners, a management consulting firm, today announced that it has hired Joshua Sandstrom as a Director in its Columbus, Ohio office. Joshua Sandstrom specializes in Supply Chain Strategy, Transformation and Labor Optimization for clients worldwide

Sandstrom joins West Monroe Partners from Accenture, where he was an executive in the Global Supply Chain Fulfillment practice. He is an accomplished supply chain professional with more than 12 years of experience across the pharmaceutical, federal government, automotive, industrial products, and media and entertainment sectors. He also has experience leading large-scale custom and packaged system supply chain and enterprise resource planning (ERP) programs and helped clients address all facets of supply chain optimization, including improving distribution and transportation operations.

“Joshua Sandstrom brings tremendous experience to a vital part of our business,” said West Monroe Partners’ President and CEO, Dean Fischer. “The business and social climates are driving tremendous change in this area and raising the expectations for companies to react—and the urgency with which they do so. This addition adds depth and expertise that enables us to support our clients through complex transformation.”

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