April 5, 2012 | Press Release

Ted Gibson Joins West Monroe Energy and Utilities Practice

Ted Gibson Joins West Monroe Energy and Utilities Practice

West Monroe Partners, a North American management and technology consulting firm, today announced that Ted Gibson, PMP, has joined the firm’s Chicago office as a senior manager in the Energy & Utilities practice.

Gibson is a telecommunications and IT senior strategy architect with more than 30 years of utility, telecommunications, networking, voice, project management, and call center development experience. He has unique expertise in developing smart grid telecommunications systems and integrating them with utility services.

"Ted Gibson adds significant telecommunications and IT networking expertise, as well as substantial hands-on experience architecting cutting-edge IT and connectivity solutions for utility applications in support of smart grid deployments,” said Dan Belmont, director of West Monroe’s Energy & Utilities Telecommunications practice. “Having the perspectives of someone who has ‘been there and done that’ will be very valuable, especially for smaller and mid-sized utilities that are still formulating their initial smart utility strategies.”

Gibson joined West Monroe from Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E), where he was a senior strategy architect. In that role, he developed telecommunications solutions supporting nuclear, fossil, hydroelectric, and renewable power generation as well as AMI and distribution automation solutions for PG&E’s entire territory. He also led reviews of all new systems for NERC CIP, NRC, CAISO and IS&C requirements, from initial development through construction and commissioning. Prior to his role at PG&E, Gibson worked in various telecommunications and IT network transformation roles for Google, AT&T, Alstom, IBM, and Cisco.

“I am thrilled to join West Monroe’s already-thriving Energy & Utilities practice,” said Gibson. “Among public power, cooperative, and investor-owned utilities alike, we are seeing a significantly higher activity level from telecommunications and IT departments as they seek to advance their AMI and smart utility initiatives. I look forward to contributing to West Monroe’s very compelling telecommunication capabilities.”

West Monroe’s Energy & Utilities Telecommunications offering expands the firm’s existing suite of management and technology services for utility clients to include capabilities in smart grid networks managed services, public private partnerships in wireless networks, and TDM/IP MPLS transformations. The maturing of the AMI / smart grid industry is driving utilities’ needs for expanded development of wired and wireless networks, conversion to IP based technologies, field area network (FAN) monitoring and management, public safety partnerships, cyber security enhancements, and utility telecommunications workforce transformation and training, in support for AMI / smart grid utility projects. Learn more about West Monroe’s Telecommunications offerings.

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