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Business Case Analysis for Water Utility Modernization

West Monroe and Winston Salem Forsyth County (WSFC) discuss a Business Case Analysis (BCA) for Water Utility Modernization

Business Case Analysis for Water Utility Modernization

Many water utilities struggle to address internal pressures to “keep the water running” (pun intended) – aging infrastructure, cost of service, water conservation, non-revenue water. In addition, new social, environmental, and economic trends require resources – population changes, climate & hydrology, customer expectations, and workforce management.
Simply put, utilities are managing complex systems within a dynamic world where traditional approaches and aging infrastructure no longer meet expectations. 

Utility modernization provides solutions to a wide host of water utility and industry challenges. Analyzing and articulating a utility modernization strategy requires a comprehensive business case analysis process. We invite you to our exclusive webinar where you will learn about: 

  • Business case analysis process 

  • Characteristics of a successful business case 

  • Stakeholder collaboration Business case modeling 

  • Communicating business case analysis 

  • AMI case study 

... through the use of an interactive case study. At the end of this session, you will better understand the internal and external pressures creating a need for a business case analysis to successfully address infrastructure, management, customer, and environmental challenges. You will also learn approaches to completing a compelling case for your investment.

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