May 2017 | Point of View

6 opportunities in the contact center to jumpstart your utility's customer experience

Utilities of the future are expected to provide a superb customer experience.

While utilities of today are modernizing, they struggle to apply this effort through a customer lens and are overwhelmed by adopting consumer industry approaches to their customer experience. Yet, utilities can turn to the heart of their current customer experience – the contact center – to make immediate improvements in satisfaction while testing innovations for the future.There are many reasons the utility of the future is focused on customer experience. Expanded consumer options in energy resources coupled with rising expectations will begin to drive missed revenue opportunities for utilities with poor customer experiences. Additionally, if you missed the memo, regulators are requiring improved customer experiences.

Why start with the contact center? The frequency and range of customer interactions, and the technologies that support them, offer a defined and controlled environment to experiment new activities. The amount of data that resides within your contact center also provides valuable insights into customer satisfaction and process efficiencies, allowing utilities to measure the incremental impacts of changes and innovations. 


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