September 2023 | Signature Research

The Digital Disconnect: Linking Vision to Real-World Execution 

Executives are aligned on their digital vision, but execution is falling short. There are three main culprits.

The Digital Disconnect: Linking Vision to Real-World Execution 

As generative AI drives new urgency for data and digital transformation, our second-annual survey of 700 C-suite executives and 5,000 consumers finds that companies are working to overcome macroeconomic headwinds while embracing digital throughout their organizations.

While organizations are thinking more about digital and the importance of agility, they need to refine their approach to match customer demands, strengthen data and analytics infrastructure, and significantly upskill internally to truly embrace a digital operating model. Last year showed that rebuilding coming out of the pandemic was a key focus. This year shows that commitment to—and investment in—digital doesn’t automatically translate to success. Execution matters.

Read the research to learn:  

  • The challenges organizations face in fully integrating digital and the key hurdles in their transformation journey. 
  • The gap between data collection and its utilization in product development and customer insights. 
  • The role of AI and ML in modern business models and the potential costs of not integrating them.

It Takes All Areas of a Business to Become Digital  

The West Monroe Digital Agility Model shows the role digital plays across an organization, with agility at the center and all areas carrying equal weight. This year’s research dives into product & experiences, with additional focus on data, customer centricity, and the role people play throughout.

Only 30% of executives agree that digital encompasses people, processes, behaviors, and mindsets, which means the vast majority are focusing on point solutions or back-office processes without helping teams understand the big picture.

Aligning customer needs with product—backed by the right data, technology, and teams—is essential to winning today and tomorrow. 

The Digital Disconnect: Linking Vision to Real-World Execution

The Digital Disconnect: Linking Vision to Real-World Execution

West Monroe surveyed 700 C-suite executives and 5,000 consumers. Here’s how they think companies are delivering on the promise of the digital future. 

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