April 15, 2020 | Podcast

This is CX, Episode 58: Best practices to enable work-from-home customer service professionals

During this episode, Paul and Mike are once again joined by colleague Cindy Garrett, director in our Customer Experience practice, to discuss best practices for customer service organizations to enable their work-from-home professionals and provide the best employee experience, given the current COVID-driven environment. These best practices include:

  1. Using cloud-based technology to easily stand-up remote employees, including telephony and knowledge base platforms
  2. Increasing the frequency of the use of their Voice of the Employee programs to best understand employees new needs
  3. Building a remote-based set of rituals to drive a sense of community, including the use of video chat for team stand-ups and 1-on-1 meetings
  4. Supporting employees emotional needs and shielding the service professionals from being “the bad guys” by setting expectations with customers


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