Jan. 16, 2020 | Podcast

This is CX, Episode 54: Gazing into the CX crystal ball for 2020 trends

Paul and Mike bring out their CX crystal ball to talk about three key accelerating trends for CX in 2020

3 trends for CX in 2020

  1. The intersection of Customer Success and Customer Experience is gaining steam

  2. The need for organization-wide data will drive an increased focus on customer data management

  3. Traditional CRM capabilities will evolve to provide more personalized experiences for customers


Additionally, they talk about their "wishes" for CX in 2020, including:

  • Building financial literacy to articulate the value of CX
  • Mainstream adoption of journey-based operating models in organizations
  • Businesses fully adopting more human-centered and purpose-driven outcomes as the 2019 "Business Roundtable" articulate (creating value for customer, community and employee, not just shareholders)
  • CX leaders driving the upfront elements of digital transformation

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