May 14, 2018 | InBrief

On my mind: Cloud and security

On my mind: Cloud and security

The market is at a pivotal point where use of cloud technologies has become the norm rather than the exception. With any new technology there is always an adoption curve. If your organization isn’t using cloud technologies you are likely behind the curve. For example, the Performance Services team at West Monroe has been converting the underlying tools we use to support clients to cloud platforms and our migration is nearly complete. New entrants to the market have come forward to help companies sublet underutilized data center resources because so many companies are shrinking their footprint as they move to the cloud. The cloud allows operational and financial flexibility and we predict that in the coming years software vendors will halt developing some on premise software. We encourage our clients to develop a cloud migration plan so they can migrate to cloud technologies over time while maximizing the potential financial and operational benefit.

Being hit by a cyberattack is painful. But it can be less painful if you're prepared. Our consulting team helped a business that was targeted by ransomware, and were able to help the business recover to get up to speed in 36 hours. Defense strategies have changed. You cannot avoid all security attacks on your environment. You can however, prepare so you can find the attack quickly and defend yourself before you are forced to recreate your environment – and rebuild trust with your stakeholders.

To learn more about how we can help you with your cloud journey or how our Managed Security Services can help you manage your cybersecurity risk, contact your Service Delivery Manager or myself.

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