April 30, 2018 | InBrief

Improving customer experience with nCino

Improving customer experience with nCino

For financial services organizations, operating systems have the reputation of being inefficient and inconsistent due to a reliance on manual data entry, siloed activities, lack of system-wide integration, and providing low visibility across the entire enterprise. Apart from the frustrations felt by these systems’ users, customers often feel the brunt of these legacy systems due to the resulting fragmented and confusing experiences.  nCino has brought to market a Loan Origination and Treasury Management onboarding solution which, in addition to other efficiencies, has helped financial organizations overcome these legacy pitfalls by building better, more streamlined internal processes which have in turn yielded a more engaging customer experience.

Of the many benefits the nCino platform can deliver, five key benefits stand out from our experience with the platform that ultimately yield the experience organizations desire for their customers.

  1. Speed: nCino helps define a streamlined business process, and the result is a faster rate-to-close.  Swift closing processes not only grow customer confidence in the institution’s ability to make decisions quickly, but also allows the organization to recognize revenue faster.
  2. Simplicity: nCino supports integrations from multiple third- party systems, giving users a true 360-degree view of the customers.
  3. Transparency: By providing the user with clear insight into the onboarding process, customers have more transparency into the status of their loan application or treasury service implementation.
  4. Efficiency: nCino is built on the Salesforce platform, so users are able to leverage a single source of data entry thereby eliminating the need for duplicate entry and enabling more collaboration across an enterprise.
  5. Consistency: When banks make it easy, an easier experience means customers are more likely to return for future needs.

How do they do it?

nCino brings very specific benefits to both its end users and customers alike when the following capabilities are leveraged:

  • Document Manager: Provides a centralized repository for the bank employees to save customer documents rather than saving locally. By giving bank employees access and visibility, the number of outbound requests to customers to provide these documents is reduced thereby improving the experience.
  • Customer Portal: The nCino customer portal gives customers visibility into documents that are being requested over the life cycle of the credit origination and treasury implementation processes. This feature also allows customers to upload the document directly into Document Manager.  This streamlined process eliminates the back and forth between customer and bank.
  • Streamlined Underwriting: What is typically a manual process that involves multiple areas of an organization and different systems, nCino allows banks and credit unions to complete the end-to-end loan origination and treasury service via a single system with 360 views from across the enterprise.
  • Centralized Location for Improved Workflow: nCino eliminates duplicate entry within the platform. Information is entered once and can be referenced throughout the system.  In addition, through integrations with core and other third- party systems, nCino becomes the centralized location for all customer, loan, deposit, and treasury service data.
  • Reporting: Since nCino often becomes the centralized location for information, reporting is more accurate and gives a near real time look at pipeline. Further, banks and credits unions are able to report on the time it takes to complete a loan origination or treasury service implementation.  This allows customer related bottle necks to be identified, corrected, and revenue to be recognized quicker.

nCino’s streamlined and flexible capabilities have the potential to deliver increased customer stickiness and improved ROI for banks that implement the technology. By alleviating the common, redundant back-and-forth between banks and their customers, delivering more streamlined processes, and a higher pace of delivery, bank customers ultimately gain an easier experience, fewer errors, and fewer duplicate requests from their bank. Banks considering nCino because of its potential to optimize their operating systems, should also consider the potential downstream impacts to their customers.  

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