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How to hire a administrator

How to hire a administrator

For many organizations, the Administrator role involves setting up new users, adding a few custom fields, and resetting passwords when needed. Since these duties require only 5-8 hours a week, the role is usually assigned to a current team member.

This works just fine in smaller companies with only 3-10 Salesforce users, but companies that want to add more users and take advantage of the more advanced capabilities of Salesforce will want to hire a dedicated Administrator.

What Will Your Administrator Do?

Before you begin looking for a Administrator, it’s best to determine exactly what duties and responsibilities that person will own. Administrator’s typically own the following areas and tasks:

General Administration

  • Continuing customization and development (custom objects, new fields, and page layouts)
  • User maintenance
  • Database de-duping and cleanup
  • Development of reports and dashboards
  • Documentation

Salesforce Development

  • Manage environments and sandboxes for development work


  • Develop and implement training for users
  • Communicate future Salesforce releases and enhancements

Project Management

  • Manage outsourced Salesforce projects outside of the Administrator’s skill set

What Skills Should a Administrator Have?

Finding the right skill set in a Administrator can be a challenge. The following are a few things to consider when determining if a candidate is a good fit:

Experience with Customizations

As your organization grows and incorporates new processes, you will most likely need to add custom objects. Has the candidate created custom objects in the past? Are they fully aware of the differences between 1-to-1, 1-to-Many, and Many-to-Many relationships?  Formula fields can be a wonderful resource for an organization. Is the candidate comfortable creating and editing formula and roll-up summary fields?

Reporting and Analytics’s standard reporting functionality is a wonderful asset but as your organization grows you may find areas where custom reports are needed. Has the candidate created custom reports? Do they understand the reporting constraints with custom object relationships?  Choose an existing report that is important for your organization, and work with the candidate to re-create it. This can demonstrate their comfort with report creation and structure.

Team Fit

A Administrator is a key role inside your organization. They will need to learn your current process and work closely with all users as updates continue to be developed and rolled out. Good communications skills are a must, as they must be able to clearly communicate ideas, thoughts, and suggestions. They should be easy to talk to, and able to work with Salesforce users at all levels (from first time Salesforce users to experienced developers).

Finding a Administrator can take time, but do not get discouraged. The perfect Administrator for your organization is out there and you will find them! To learn more, contact us directly.

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