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How Salesforce helped a local non-profit

How Salesforce helped a local non-profit

Goodcity supports social entrepreneurs who are making a difference in under-resourced communities in Chicago by providing them with a number of critical services and resources. It is vital for Goodcity to track key performance indicators (KPIs) to measure the health of the organization or initiative it assists, and to ensure its own programs are effective. To make this process more efficient, Goodcity engaged West Monroe Partners for its initial implementation of the Salesforce and the Salesforce Nonprofit Starter Pack.

Creating a Holistic View of Customers & Partners 

Goodcity’s existing data was documented in a number of disparate sources: excel spreadsheets, Google Documents and paper applications. With this configuration, it was difficult to get a holistic view of all of the touch-points where Goodcity interacts with its clients and partners. Salesforce enabled the organization to capture all of this data in one, centralized location. The Nonprofit Start Pack allowed Goodcity to track donations, grants, event management and attendance, volunteers and communications between themselves and the organizations they support. In addition, we built a custom solution that allowed for both the application process for its various programs and the ongoing tracking of these organizations’ health to take place within the Salesforce platform.

Enabling Future Growth

 Harboring Goodcity’s data into one place provided a more holistic view of the organizations, customers, volunteers, donors and other constituents Goodcity interacts with. This data is useful in developing a strategy to further reduce costs, save time and effort, and make the internal process of the organization flow seamlessly so those at Goodcity can spend more time dedicated to what they do best – help social entrepreneurs thrive and have an impact on their communities.

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