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For today's companies, office space is more than just location, location, location

For today's companies, office space is more than just location, location, location

For a consulting firm, office space is often viewed as a necessity and a large monthly expense, as rent is typically the second biggest expense behind payroll.  It’s a place for the employees to gather to do their work and catch up with co-workers.  From this viewpoint, it is a necessity.  From my viewpoint, it’s a enormous asset.  An office space and its design speaks volumes about the company culture and its brand, becoming a critical component in the recruiting process.

Recruiting candidates coming in for an interview will often check to see where your office is located.  How close is it to my train or bus?  Does the building have amenities such as restaurants and a fitness center?  Building location, proximity to public transportation (if available), building aesthetics, and amenities are just a few of the critical factors that I look at when evaluating new office locations as they play an important role in how our company is viewed in the local market.

As that candidate walks through your front door, they inevitably look around.  They want to know whether your office is somewhere they would like to work should they receive an offer.  What do they see?  They want to know what the space looks like, where they will work, and how people interact with one another.  Does the office they see reflect the brand they read about on your website?  Their first impressions are critical in supporting your brand and future recruiting efforts!

At West Monroe Partners, our offices are designed with our employees, collaboration, and brand in mind.  Our open office floor plans with no assigned seats allows for employees and project teams to fluidly move around the office, work as a team, or work heads down when needed.  Our design standards allow us to create a similar look and feel to all of our offices, but allow our local offices to add their own elements that speak to their city’s culture.

Creating an office space and environment that represents your brand that can also be used as a recruiting tool isn’t easy, but when done right, it can speak volumes!

Stay tuned for the second installment of the real estate blog series focused on building an office after a merger or acquisition.

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