Tarun Patel

Tarun Patel

Partner Marketing, Sales & Service Dallas


Tarun brings more than 20 years of experience providing strategic advisory and technology consulting to clients to help improve their Customer Experience through a human-centric lens that drives value through operational efficiency and technology.

Deeply versed in all aspects of the customer life cycle, Tarun expertly guides clients through complex, multi-phase programs that deliver value and results that scale with the growth of an organization. Tarun led a corporate carve-out over nine months, helping transform the sales organization from a capital software licensing model to a SaaS pricing model, establishing new Customer Service processes and workflows leveraging the Salesforce platform integrated with a new ERP application.

Listening is the cornerstone of Tarun’s business philosophy. It enables him to understand his clients’ challenges at hand and respond with intelligent solutions. As the leader of the Customer Experience practice in Dallas, this enables him to understand their aspirations, identify opportunities for growth, and help develop our Next Generation of Leaders.

Tarun joined West Monroe in 2015 through its acquisition of Etherios, a consulting firm focused on delivering solutions implemented on the Salesforce platform. He has a bachelor’s degree from the McCombs School of Business at the University of Texas.

What makes Tarun different

Tarun is married with a daughter and identical twin boys. Watching his kids face similar challenges, learn, and grow fills him with joy. He also enjoys playing golf and tennis, reading, and watching movies. He ran with the bulls at the San Fermin Festival twice...and came away unscathed both times.

Where Tarun makes an impact

As a member of the Dallas office Leadership Team, Tarun is passionate about West Monroe’s mission to develop the Next Generation of Leaders. In addition to working with clients, Tarun is the West Monroe Executive Sponsor working with the Community Foundation of Texas for Business (CFT4B) to expand our philanthropic efforts to make a greater impact to the North Texas Community.

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