Stephen Chen

Stephen Chen

Director Mergers & Acquisitions Dallas


Healthcare has been one of the most active fields for M&A activity – but delivering value doesn’t come easy. Stephen understands what it takes to navigate the myriad strategic, organizational, and execution challenges to improve the top and bottom line. He does that every day. For example, he is currently leading a turnaround program for a specialty provider practice that will improve EBITDA by about $4 million through operational improvements and spend reductions.  

Stephen’s particular strengths in cost restructuring, consolidation, organizational and process redesign, and strategic sourcing have been key to driving successful transformation – whether that is separating a health system into independent hospital and homecare units or integrating a 500-center urgent care company. His experience encompasses all parts of the healthcare ecosystem, including payers, providers, and pharmaceuticals.  

Prior to joining West Monroe, Stephen spent more than 10 years as a management consultant with Booz & Company and Everest Group. He holds an MBA and bachelor’s degree from The University of Texas at Austin.

What makes Stephen different

He brings a unique perspective to healthcare M&A issues, having worked in many different capacities – at both payers and providers, for sellers and acquirers, and in operational and consulting roles.  

His family, including wife and three boys, love to travel and try authentic local cuisine – especially where no one speaks English and there are no printed menus. They like to point and order whatever smells delicious.

Where Stephen makes an impact

He emphasizes learning and development from every client experience. He believes that a successful project doesn’t just solve the problem and check off all the deliverables. It also leaves everyone – consulting team members and client staff – with more capabilities than those with which they started the project.

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