Mark Luy

Mark Luy

Senior Architect Mergers & Acquisitions Chicago


Mark is always on the lookout for opportunities to use new technologies in innovative ways. He’s been building groundbreaking systems, applications, and algorithms his whole career. For example, he guided creation of an industry-leading medical referral management and delivery system used by large hospital systems. The application, acquired by a major healthcare IT organization, uses an algorithm to recommend the optimal specialist to which the referring provider can send a patient.  

He brings that same lens to due diligence of companies’ technology architectures during mergers and acquisitions – with a focus on ways to achieve business goals through technology. His diverse experience includes application development, data modeling, and cloud infrastructure. But it’s his combination of technical proficiency and business sense with his ability to convey complex technology concepts in clear commercial terms that leads to greater value.  

He joined West Monroe from Fibroblast, where he was chief application architect and chief information security officer. He earned a bachelor’s degree from Wheaton College and an MBA degree from Northern Illinois University.

What makes Mark different

He is an avid lifelong learner who is motivated by collaborating with companies that want to experiment and try new things. Away from work, he plays classical guitar and golfs as often as possible.

Where Mark makes an impact

He has a passion for emerging technology trends and bringing newly ideated products to life. Over the course of his career, he has worked with various start-ups and innovation teams in the healthcare, finance, tele-pharmacy, logistics, education, and other sectors.  

A strong team leader, he instills accountability and encourages professional growth in those around him. 

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