Letteer Lewis

Letteer Lewis

Director Technology & Experience Chicago


Letteer takes an enthusiastic approach to enabling strategic business objectives through a blend of business and technical expertise. While specializing in application development and IT organizational strategy, he is able to effectively translate technical solutions into measurable business value for his clients to align on what they need, implement the measures to track progress, and design and build the solution to get them there. 

He has experience developing web and cloud-based solutions, using modern technologies and frameworks and leading efforts using Agile development best practices. He has also led multiple projects in the healthcare space ranging from strategic technical assessments to implementation projects enabling collaboration across the organization. 

What makes Letteer different

Letteer is a self-proclaimed “professional hobbyist,” someone who dives into new hobbies to learn all there is to know about a skill or industry. He’s an avid outdoorsman and loves woodworking. 

Where Letteer makes an impact

Letteer completed an 18-month engagement acting as the sole solution architect at a mid-sized healthcare payer. He guided tech and business teams through transition in process from a hybrid waterfall model to an agile methodology executing on strategic initiatives. He also led implementation efforts to migrate from a legacy tech stack to a nimble modern approach.

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