Katie Joyce

Katie Joyce

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Katie wants her clients to see the world through the eyes of their customers—because when they do, tangible benefits follow. This is how she guided a U.S. medical device manufacturer to identify and capitalize on a new market opportunity in India, a large sports organization to conceive a portfolio of new digital products and services, and a large hospital develop to an innovation strategy and new talent model.

She brings big-picture thinking and creative ways of solving problems with a focus on human aspects of business and technology—built on experience that includes human-centered design, customer experience strategy, design studio operations, storytelling, prototyping, and program leadership. 
Katie joined West Monroe in 2022 from Deloitte Digital, where she was part of the founding leadership team for an offering focused on defining and delivering corporate purpose through customer experience. She previously spent 15 years with Doblin (now within Deloitte Digital) in various roles, including innovation lead and design strategist. She earned a bachelor’s degree in political science and Spanish from the University of Notre Dame. 

What makes Katie different

She is an avid runner and cyclist and likes to read nonfiction and listen to podcasts on culture, society, politics, and current events. She was born in Brazil and lived in Germany as a young child.

Where Katie makes an impact

She is adept at bridging different “languages” spoken within a multidisciplinary team and is an excellent listener, having spent many years interviewing customers in their homes and workplaces. 

Away from work, Katie is involved with RefugeeOne, a resettlement organization in Chicago for which she mentors newly arriving refugees.

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