Jonathan Ross

Jonathan Ross

Director Mergers & Acquisitions Chicago


Whether the situation calls for technology diligence, carve-out planning and execution, AI/ML software diligence, portfolio company optimization, or all steps from beginning to end, Jonathan comes ready with the know-how, multidisciplinary experience, and ability to turn transaction complexity into clarity.  

He’s been there through challenging, volatile, and global deal scenarios: the separation planning of a $6 billion industrial distribution company, the ERP separation for a $2 billion carve-out of a government construction services organization, the $400 million carve-out of a multi-geography steel business from its global parent, carve-out and integration planning for a $1.5 billion division of a global food manufacturing business into an existing US company of the same size, and $450 million carve-out planning of a pharmaceutical CDMO from its global parent. 

Jonathan prides himself on being a swiss-army knife within the M&A practice, with broad and deep expertise in both business and technology. Specifically, he has experience in sales and operations planning, manufacturing, supply chain, ERP, business intelligence, data science, enterprise architecture, and digital transformation. 

Prior to joining West Monroe, Jonathan implemented SAP ERP and SAP Business Intelligence solutions for FORTUNE 500 clients at Accenture and Dickinson & Associates. Jonathan earned a bachelor’s degree in Operations Management & Information Systems from Northern Illinois University and a master’s degree in Predictive Analytics from Northwestern University

What makes Jonathan different

Jonathan is commonly referred to as “JR” at West Monroe and is a lifelong guitarist. 

He and his wife spend the weekends golfing, traveling, camping, and going to concerts and local restaurants. 

He also has two Bernese Mountain dogs named Günter and Díeter and a potbelly pig named Hamilton.

Where Jonathan makes an impact

Jonathan is an active graduate assistant for the Project Management course within Northwestern University’s Master of Data Science program. He also previously held an Associate Board member position for Holiday Heroes.

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