Jim Leonardo

Jim Leonardo

Senior Architect Mergers & Acquisitions Chicago

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Cloud, agile, and DevOps transformations are Jim’s bread and butter—but helping businesses succeed at their strategic goals is his passion. For example, he has helped multiple companies reduce days-long business processes into mere minutes.  

He relishes the challenges of the current M&A climate and the fact that his role allows him to do something he loves: meeting with other technology teams to see what they are all about. He is particularly motivated by the chance to apply technology to business problems – always seeking to understand clients’ businesses, as well as the needs of users, developers, operations, and other stakeholders. He likes to wear many hats so that he can have the right conversation with the right people and get to good solutions faster. 

He joined West Monroe from Hitachi Solutions, where he was vice president of innovation – responsible for developing and supporting various forms of intellectual property that employ state-of-the-art and emerging technologies. He earned a bachelor’s degree in biology from Binghamton University and a master’s degree in computer science from Pace University.

What makes Jim different

Jim enjoys exploring new challenges both personally and professionally, and he has a variety of creative hobbies. For example, having recently moved into a new home, he is trying to figure out where to fit in a new model railroad. 

Where Jim makes an impact

In every project, he aims not only to deliver software but to make the team better, as well.  

He spent nearly 10 years serving the community as a volunteer firefighter and emergency management technician – even if the local paper only got photos with his back to the camera during calls and drills.

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