Jean Paul Baritugo

Jean Paul Baritugo

Director Advisory & Transformation Washington, D.C.


Realizing the potential benefits of transformation requires both practical design and flawless execution. That’s where JP comes in. He designed and implemented the service delivery strategy for a Fortune 20 healthcare provider to optimize its various front- and back-office operations, which included establishing a 1,200-seat Philippine global in-house center with robotic process automation capabilities across multiple customer service and finance processes that delivered $20 million in annual savings. 

His ability to develop effective business functions stems from his experience running production and other operations. For example, he ran a manufacturing facility in Juarez, Mexico – ensuring delivery of quality, cost, volume, and other requirements for the organization’s marquee consumer products clients. 

Altogether, he has led initiatives that collectively yielded over $400 million in savings – including assessments and transformations of human resources, customer service, order-to-cash, and procure-to-pay processes. He has also managed manufacturing and supply chain operations in Switzerland, the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, Philippines, Israel, Mexico, Colombia, and Puerto Rico. 

He joined West Monroe from Pace Harmon, where he was a director. Previously, he held various operational roles with Nestle, ultimately leading the Confections Division’s industrial performance. He earned a bachelor’s degree in industrial engineering from the University of the Philippines.

What makes Jean Paul different

Whether at work or in life, JP is always looking to continue honing his skills. He plays the saxophone (horribly) and the piano (atrociously) and once practiced Judo and Aikido. He also enjoys travel and is multilingual – fluent in both Spanish and Tagalog. 

Where Jean Paul makes an impact

He brings strong analytical capabilities and persistent intellectual curiosity to every project. His enthusiasm generates waves of team productivity around him.

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