Gus Wigen-Toccalino

Gus Wigen-Toccalino

Director Technology Chicago


Despite a growing array of tools to support them, many executives still find it challenging to turn data and insight into actions that create value. That’s where Gus comes in. His self-professed “hyper-focus” on creating analytics solutions that deliver tangible business value has paid dividends for many clients. For example, he implemented an analytics and reporting solution for a healthcare provider that produced an estimated $10 million in savings by decreasing patients’ length of stay in long-term care facilities.  

He leads our Google Cloud Platform (GCP) Center of Excellence and holds multiple Google Cloud Platform, Amazon Web Services, and Microsoft certifications.  

His primary focus is on data-centric solutions that involve cloud migration, data warehousing, data integration, and data visualization. He has delivered such solutions across multiple industries, including healthcare, financial services, retail, insurance, and digital marketing.  

He joined West Monroe after earning a bachelor’s degree in computer science from DePauw University.

What makes Gus different

He is an avid runner, traveler, and diner. He loves finding new restaurants and trying new food and is open to anything and everything Chicago’s restaurant scene has to offer. His first spoken language was Thai. 

He is active in West Monroe’s unique Chiefs program, serving as the official chief keg officer.

Where Gus makes an impact

As an emerging leader board member of Bounce Children’s Foundation, he raises awareness and funds to support terminally ill children in the Chicagoland area – enabling them to transition from surviving to thriving. 

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