Elisabeth Moore

Elisabeth Moore

Director Corporate Chicago

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Since joining West Monroe in 2013, Elisabeth has had a tangible impact on our strong growth trajectory. Partnering with strategists, technologists, change experts, and marketers, she has equipped our firm enter new markets and achieve double-digit annual growth and above-industry-average profitability. She led the acquisition of several new businesses, as well as divestitures. And she participated in the launch of two multi-year strategies that galvanized our organization around a common vision to achieve these results.  

Her M&A and finance background has produced an approach to strategy that is both data-driven and emotionally intelligent. She motivates our people to challenge the status quo and think critically about the future while staying true to our values and entrepreneurial roots, and her relationship building prowess helps bring strategies to life.  

She has had the unique opportunity to flex her “intrapreneurial” skills by launching and maturing several internal functions, including Strategy, Innovation, Market and Business Intelligence, Client Value Creation, and Corporate Development. Some of her proudest accomplishments are watching team members learn and grow in their roles and accelerate their path to promotion.  

Previously, she worked in Transaction Services at KPMG and in corporate finance with NXT Capital. She earned a bachelor’s degree in business and an MBA in finance from Indiana University.

What makes Elisabeth different

She enjoys traveling and outdoor sports such as hiking, golf, and skiing. She satisfied both of these interests by climbing Mount Kilimanjaro.

Where Elisabeth makes an impact

As a consultant for Compass Pro Bono, she partners with local business professionals to deliver strategic guidance to nonprofits. She is currently helping a local arts organization identify opportunities for services and programs in existing and new markets.  

She is also active in the Executive Club of Chicago – Professional Service and Business Technology Leadership Forum and an Ellevate Squad. She is part of West Monroe’s Mental Health and Wellness Committee and Women’s Leadership Network.

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