Douglas Parker

Douglas Parker

Senior Manager Advisory & Transformation Washington, D.C.


Few people have delved into the dynamics of the outsourcing relationship with the depth or analytical discipline that Doug has. Throughout his career, he has either worked for or been engaged by industry-leading companies to resolve operational delivery challenges, while radically reducing operating costs. For example, he recently led an initiative for a Fortune 20 healthcare company that reduced its cost of in-scope IT functions by approximately 25% by developing a new operating model, significantly expanding the use of outsourcing for build-execution and run-based functions, and designing an overarching supplier governance function.

Given his experience, Doug currently focuses primarily on large-scale IT transformation challenges that call for looking at delivery and sourcing challenges in new and innovative ways. Adept at leading multidisciplinary teams, he also guides implementation – including structuring transactions, selecting and negotiating with suppliers, developing retained organizations, and managing suppliers – that turn sound strategy into tangible benefits.

His broad experience also includes business process reengineering and organizational change management.

He joined West Monroe from Pace Harmon, where he was a director. Previously, he was a consulting principal with Pillsbury Winthrop Shaw Pittman, focused on outsourcing activities. As a partner at PwC, in addition to performing business process reengineering for large-scale financial institutions, he helped design, build, and manage e.conomy – PwC’s global purchasing consortium for middle-market companies. He holds a bachelor’s degree from the University of California, San Diego.

What makes Douglas different

As a competitive swimmer from ages 8 through 16, Doug dutifully followed the black line during morning and evening practices, 50 weeks of the year. That dedication resulted in mileage just shy of a trip around the planet – and an aversion to swimming, though he still applies the discipline he learned to his work today.

He enjoys cooking at home with quality ingredients and simple recipes, prepared by hand, and then finding the perfect cocktail, espresso, and dessert. Other pastimes include music – he is an ex-drummer – and contemporary art.

Where Douglas makes an impact

He has an eye for detail and a passion for explaining the results to those who are interested in learning. In the workplace, he takes an active interest in recruiting activities, mentoring those just starting their careers, and developing new techniques to resolve persistently troublesome aspects of customer-supplier relations.

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