David Hendee

David Hendee

Director Product Experience & Engineering Lab San Francisco


David doesn’t just create industry-defining digital products—he also grows effective and fun teams that do the same to deliver exceptional impact for our clients. In fact, David led the team that grew a startup from a seed round with no employees or software through their first launch, Series B, and a team of more than a dozen—now valued at $2.75 billion.

He’s passionate about emergent design and group dynamics and still loves building things—models, prototypes, and production code. In addition to nurturing and growing our product design capabilities, he’s a frequent speaker at events such as Distill, Lean UX SF, and Sum of the Parts. 

Cultivating collaborative teams and integrating design and engineering are David’s passions. He considers himself lucky to have been continually surrounded by smart people, working with developers, designers, and business folks to deliver innovative, desirable, and valuable software to customers. 

He spent the better part of two decades with Carbon Five, which became part of West Monroe in 2021. As a partner and director of design, he set a creative vision and led the design discipline. He holds a bachelor’s degree in architecture from the University of California, Berkeley.

What makes David different

David enjoys family travel, tennis, Dungeons & Dragons, oil painting, and racing sims—and he excels at coming up with bad jokes to amuse and annoy his kids. During a college internship at NASA, he assisted a soils scientist measuring the impact of greenhouse gas emissions on samples from Alaskan tundra and Brazilian slash-and-burned forests. He lives in a community with the second-oldest and longest July 4th parade in the country.

Where David makes an impact

He recently began volunteering with Drawbridge, where he assists artists as they provide art experiences for children who are in emergency shelters.

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