Dave Wexler

Dave Wexler

Business Development Executive Financial Services New York


Dave’s versatility and willingness to do what is necessary has not only defined his career, it has enabled him to produce tangible results for the institutions with which he works. 

After writing the global strategy for a banking vertical, he earned the opportunity to build and lead the related multi-regional sales team. Two years later, after a reorganization, the bank asked him to lead a change that reduced the size of the global sales team by 40%, delivering annual savings of $15 million. Once he and the team accomplished that goal, he earned the privilege of managing the sales team in the bank’s largest market from London. Two years later, the reorganized global team – despite its smaller size – delivered a 10% increase in sales. 

He loves working in banking and treasury management, and has founded an industry think tank in addition to working in executive roles. At West Monroe, he partners with clients to develop multidisciplinary solutions that deliver sales effectiveness, revenue efficiency, and achieve other goals. Previously, he spent nearly 20 years in commercial and treasury services leadership roles with various national and global banks. He holds a degree in accounting from the College of New Jersey.

What makes Dave different

When Dave isn’t working, you might find him tending to his 100-year-old house, where he maintains a full workshop. He also gets a kick going to yard sales with his family and haggling over the treasures he finds. 

He loves classic cars, especially BMWs, and enjoys driving his 1987 E30 convertible. He also likes to ski and golf – although he admits that a lack of time for either shows in the results.

Where Dave makes an impact

He takes pride in helping others achieve their professional goals and is gratified to see many of the former colleagues he has hired or managed taking leadership roles in their respective organizations. 

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